Q: I'd like to order a t-shirt, but I'm not sure which style(s) would look good on me.

A: You had me at "I'd like to order a t-shirt." The fact that you like the t-shirts lets me know you are awesome and would look good in anything! Just pick the style that best fits you according to the size you want (see Product Measurements)  and then choose the saying that best fits your personality (two options currently available).

Q: Where do you ship the t-shirts from and how long will it take for me to get mine after I place my order?

A: All t-shirts are shipped from Bellevue, Nebraska, the fashion mecca of the Midwest - a title I may or may not have just made up. Orders placed from the first to the fifteenth of the month should reach you by the end of the same month. Orders placed between the sixteenth and the end of the month should reach you by the fifteenth of the following month. Please realize: this is a delivery goal but there are no guarantees! The printing process takes two weeks from the time an order is placed and bulking orders together results in the lowest price possible for every customer. I appreciate your patience more than I love walk off home runs - which is A LOT.


Q: Do you take suggestions for t-shirt sayings?

A: Heck yes I do! Part of the fun of this project is collaborating with like-minded individuals. I'd love to roll out a new design every few months. If your idea gets chosen as a new design for my collection, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you are a WINNER...and isn't that how all of us overly competitive adults want to feel? Even better, you'll get a free t-shirt. Share your idea with me today.


Q: What motivated you to come up with this idea?


Q: How do Stripe and PayPal compare as online payment processors?


Q: What's the symbolism behind your logo?

A: I wanted to show in a tangible way that the number of adults out there who support youth athletes the right way do, in fact, outnumber the crazies. Plus, I'll be less likely to lose my mind and act like a raging lunatic if I'm wearing one of these t-shirts. Thanks for asking. HIGH FIVE!

A: Excellent question. Here's a great article that compares Stripe with PayPal.


A: The lower case "i"s that appear in the GiveTheGameBack logo represent a child standing in front of an adult, a visual reminder that kids should be at the forefront of the youth athletic experience.