If you want to know where to start...START by gaining perspective.

Probability of competing in sports beyond high school - NCAA.org

Early specialization in single sport may increase kids' risk of injury and stress - LiveWellNebraska.com 

Arizona softball and baseball coaches concerned about overuse of high school athletes - azdesertswarm.com

Parents driving coaches away from game - Newsleader.com

Silence On The Sidelines: An MLB Insider's 'Manifesto' On Youth Sports, an NPR FRESH AIR interview conducted by Dave Davies with Mike Matheny, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and former MLB player

G.I.'s Youth Sports are Missing the Point, by Jeremy Jensen, originally published in the Grand Island Independent

DON'T DRINK THE KOOL AID: The importance of Free Play in Youth Sports, by Keith Van Horn c/o Layups & Rebounds

How High School Sports Parents Can Ease Tensions With Their Athletes, from the Positive Coaching Alliance (downloadable 100-Point Exercise)

Most Commonly Misunderstood Rules in High School Basketball

The Rising Costs of Youth Sports, in Money and Emotion, by Paula Sullivan - The New York Times

Changing the Game in Youth Sports, by John O'Sullivan - Changing the Game Project

Delusional Parent Disorder (DPD) in Youth Sports, by Keith Van Horn - Layups and Rebounds

Burnout and Injury a Major Concern in Youth Sports, by Ken Reed - League of Fans column on Huffington Post

The real reason why our kids quit sport, by Kathleen Noonan - The Courier Mail

Noted Surgeon Dr. James Andrews wants your young athlete to stay healthy by playing less, cleveland.com 

Your kid and my kid are not playing in the pros, by Louis M Profeta MD

Texas high school basketball team displays incredible sportsmanship, by CBS Evening News

There wasn't a dry eye on court or off. Even the refs were crying. by Upworthy with footage from CBS Sunday Morning

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